Alesso brings people “Together Again” at epic Row DTLA shows

Alesso Row2021_0723_225157-09215_IME

Last weekend, Alesso and some friends brought some dance music to Row DTLA in what was the kind of small one-day festival-style concerts I can really get down with these days. It was called Together Again.

I went Friday night, though he also headlined a lineup of different acts on Saturday. On Friday, it was Deorro, BlackGummy, and a few others I missed as this kicked off at 4 PM on a Friday and that’s a tough ask.

Still, it felt like I packed a ton of fun and drinking in a short few hours. Honestly, Row DTLA is a fantastic place to see a show of this magnitude and it never felt like there were people right on top of me — which given the current times we are in, is a noticeable thing.

Insomniac is starting to go full steam ahead with their festival schedule. They were on the forefront of giving their audience — or as Insomniac refers their ticket buyers, their Headliners — something to look forward to most weekends during the global shutdown that crippled the live music industry. Awesomely produced and visually appealing live stream festivals took place for months on end courtesy of Insomniac. I even Zoomed a couple of them with my rave friends.

My appetite for a live outdoor weekend concert had gone unfulfilled for more than a year — and this Alesso show reminded me why I missed it. People were unapologetically sloppy drunk in a fun way, because we all need outlets like this in our lives for our own personal benefit.

But it was nice to be back out there and incredibly, some maniac fan recorded the entire set from the day I attended. Check it out below before it gets taken down. And the photos.

Photos by Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events