Blonde Summer premieres “Sha La La” at inaugural Microdose

Blonde Summer’s tune “Beer on Ice” is so nice, they played it twice. Thursday night at Dangerbird Records, a label headquarters tucked away on Sunset Boulevard, the slacker-rock trio played the tune two times in a row thanks to a little cheering from crowd for “Beer on Twice.”

Such was the casual atmosphere at Dangerbird’s inaugural event Microdose — a monthly single release party for local artists. The event is free with RSVP and even includes complimentary beer from an inevitably over-pumped keg. You’re then encouraged to grab the corresponding 7″ single next door at Vacation Vinyl. The show was rescheduled from two weeks earlier when L.A.’s unlikely storm wiped it out.

Don’t mistake the event name for an excuse to takes small amounts of LSD (no judgment if you choose to partake), but rather Microdose refers to the mini concert. Blonde Summer played a quick 30-minute set, playing tunes from their 2015 EP Paradise as well as a Beck cover.

The next Microdose event takes place Thursday, February 16 and will feature People Flavor. RSVP here.

Blonde Summer Dangerbird Microdose

Although the audience got a double dose of “Beer on Ice,” the event also introduced single “Sha La La,” which was released digitally on Friday. The rousing tune features fuzzed vocals from singer Chris Pope, heavy drums and a thumping bass-line you can feel in your chest. The crowd of about 75 people bopped their heads along in time to the tunes, shuffling about in an attempt to stay warm at the outdoor venue.

By 9:00 p.m., the music was done and the beer was mostly foam. Dangerbird warned kick concert-goers they’d be getting kicked out by 10 PM — which seemed ideal for the mostly over-30 crowd that had to work in the morning.

Words and photos by Samantha Cowan