Chris Lake brings crowd together at second Shrine show

Chris Lake Shrine 2021 mainbar

British producer, DJ, and undeniable crowd pleaser, Chris Lake, proved why he has been a powerhouse of the techno house scene for close to two decades at his show at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Saturday night — his second of two straight nights there. 

Maintaining high energy and stage presence during his two-hour set that stretched to 1 AM, everyone at the concert flicked their hands to the beat shouting “oohh ohhh” so often that Chris lake should feature the attendees of the concert on his songs (you know the chant I am talking about, pronunciation: ooooeuh-ooeuh). A friendly crowd: the fierce man next to me along with many others fanned their neighbors in the sauna-like venue. 

An undeniable truth, Chris Lake blew the crowd away, but at a close second, the shark shaped disco ball hanging over our heads reflecting the flashing red lights stole the show. “I feel like the shark is going through the sea of vibes”, a soon to be a Columbia grad student told me.

I savor the moments when people come together with the commonality of an appreciation for music and enjoy each other’s presence. Letting go of whatever worries are at the forefront of this hectic and unprecedented political and social climate right now, one thing is clear-music has a beautiful way of bringing humans together. This concert reminded me to smile and when in doubt, boogie it out.

Chris Lake if you are reading this, if you ever need anyone to babysit the shark, have your people talk to my people. 

Photos by Karina Wilson