Elder Island turn El Rey into big dance party

Elder Island

Bristol-based genre-bending electro pop act Elder Island were at the El Rey last Thursday, and it was a full-on dance party.

Their debut full-length record The Omnitone Collection dropped back in February, and I’ve had it in constant rotation for a few weeks leading up to this show. It’s a really strong first effort, as each song flows well from one to the next. They take things to the next level in their live show, evidenced by how hard the crowd was digging it.

If you’re a fan of Sylvan Esso’s folksy brand of pop, Elder Island has that kind of feel, partially thanks to the sound of lead singer Katy’s voice. Band mates Dave and Luke provide a ton of depth with synths and drumbeats.

Standout track “Kape Fear” was a favorite of the crowd on Thursday, and it’s easy to understand why. Each verse was followed by a new layer until there was so much awesomeness going on it was hard to focus on one specific thing.

Hopefully we get Elder Island back in town — and on some American festival bills — in 2020. They’re an awesome live show and would be a great late afternoon set at Coachella. Keep your eye out for them in a city near you.

Photos by Tim Aarons