Francis and the Lights share new video “See Her Out”

Francis and the Lights has dropped the second video from his impressive album Farewell, Starlite and it’s as beautiful as it is simple.

The track “See Her Out” was one of the first songs to be shared ahead of the album’s release last month and it’s now got an awesome video. It is directed by Jake Schreier, who directed films Paper Towns and Robot & Frank.

It follows Francis down a street in New York from behind. He’s got a pair of headphones in his ears and seems to be following the rhythm of the song. When it comes to the track’s epic electro-pop breakdown at the end, Francis runs into the street and does a cartwheel into a backflip into the splits on 5th Avenue.

Schreier said in a tweet that the video was filmed while Francis and the Lights was on tour with Chance the Rapper. The two previously worked together when Francis and the Lights composed the music for Robot & Frank.

The video for “Friends” was the first to come from the album and it featured Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver, as well as a killer Kanye West scowl. He’s been all over the past six months, in songs from The Weeknd and others.

If you haven’t listened to the full Farewell, Starlite album yet, you’re missing out. It is one of my favorite albums of the year, it’s unbelievably strong.