Hop Along tear it up at Teragram Ballroom

Hop Along Teragram 2018 mainbar

On Monday night at the Teragram Ballroom, Philly indie rockers Hop Along delivered to a full room. A sold out room, in fact. The set was honest, emotive, and though their songs tend to weigh heavy on the heart, they somehow managed to keep it light.

The excitement of the crowd was tame then the low murmurs became louder until the there was no holding back. Cheers rang unapologetically through the DTLA venue as the four piece (and a plus one on the keys) band took to the stage.

Francis Quinlan, the raspy singing front woman and founder of Hop Along, joked that they needed “complete silence” to start the set. The noise was withheld for less than a second as the band opened up with their biggest song to date, “How Simple,” from their new LP Bark Your Head Off Dog.

Immediately, you get the feeling that Hop Along has a dedicated fan base; guests to my left and right sang each song louder than the last. Since their debut, Get Disowned, Hop Along have received nothing short of critical acclaim. Has it gone to their head? Hell. No. Between tender and candid songs like “Look of Love” and “Somewhere a Judge,” the group kept up with the stage banter, engaging with each other playfully on stage. Obviously solid friendship makes for fuckin’ great live band chemistry.

Hop Along has become a staple in alternative community and after the show, it’s easy to tell why. You’d think they were born with instruments in hand the way they so effortlessly ripped through the set. With three tremendous albums under their belt, Hop Along’s easily secured their place as one of indie rock’s finest. Though it must be hard to churn out masterpiece after masterpiece, I sure hope they don’t stop anytime soon.

Words by Regan Wojick
Photos by Betsy Martinez