Joseph previews new album at Gold Diggers, play Fonda in October

Joseph Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers in East Hollywood is becoming a go-to spot for intimate and spectacular live showcases. Last Tuesday, it was Portland-based folk trio Joseph previewing some of an upcoming new record.

Sisters Natalie Schepman and twins Allison and Meegan Closner make up Joseph. They drop Good Luck, KidĀ via ATO Records on September 13. I am listening to it in pretty heavy rotation since an advance copy was sent my way. It’s a strong effort from the sibling trio and it was a joy to hear many of the record’s songs live.

Youngest sister Natalie had a guitar, with her foot pedaling a drum beat. They kicked their brief set off with the title track from the record. The way they’re able to harmonize on a difficult bridge and chorus on an album is one thing. Seeing them do it flawlessly in a live setting was even more impressive.

The album’s opening track “Fighter” is a more of a slow-building sad ballad. It’s one of their most recent singles — I could see it finding life in an emotional scene in an HBO show. The lone old track, “White Flag” featured crowd participation clapping, always impressive to see at an industry-only showcase.

“Everyone comes here with a dream and you guys still have it,” one of the sisters remarked between songs, tongue-in-cheek but at the same time genuine. Prior to playing “Green Eyes” — which they called a love song — they mentioned how ironically nobody they love has green eyes. The chorus has a similar rhythm to Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore”.

On “Without You”, it was one of the rare moments where Natalie took over lead vocals to kick off a song. Most songs see twins Allison and Meegan take turns leading on vocals before the others join on harmonies. “Revolving Door”, a song co-written by Ethan Gruska of The Belle Brigade, gave me literal goosebumps.

A cover of “Moonlight Mile” by The Rolling Stones brought things back to the trio’s early days where a live set with just the three of them featured a healthy mix of covers. The idea for set-closing “Room for You” came to Natalie when she held a friend’s baby, sharing the feeling of wanting to protect that child from ever being hurt. It was a perfect way to end the show, as the crowd was silently in awe.

Make sure to haveĀ Good Luck, Kid‘s September 13 release circled on your calendar, and if you’re hoping to see them in LA soon, you’re in luck! Joseph headlines the Fonda Theatre on Saturday, October 19! Tickets are $27.75 and are on sale now.

Photos by Danielle Gornbein


Natalie Schepman of Joseph


Allison Closner of Joseph
Allison Closner, Meegan Closner, Natalie Schepman of Joseph