Julia Jacklin hypnotizes with new song “Cold Caller”

Aussie singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin dropped a new song today from her upcoming 7″ due out tomorrow, and it’s as magnetizing as you’d expect.

“Cold Caller” is the side B from her Eastwick/Cold Caller 7″, which drops tomorrow September 15 via Polyvinyl. The song features her usual breathtaking voice at the forefront of a simple but catchy guitar rhythm. Give the song a listen below:

The song is an ode to her sister Emma, and Jackin sings “Oh my sweet sister, you’ve always been braver than me” before a beautiful guitar breakdown. Here’s what Jacklin had to say about the songwriting:

I started writing this song when my older sister told me she was pregnant. I know people get pregnant all the time but this was different, this was my sister. The one who explained tampons to me, told me what kissing felt like, convinced mum to let me shave my legs, sung ‘Boys of Summer’ a capella at the school talent quest.

I went to New Zealand to record this 7 inch and on the first day she went into labor, I was checking my phone every 10 minutes but managed to write the second part of the song. That night I had all these crazy nightmares, where she kept disappearing into the dark and every time I caught up to her she’d slip out of my hands again. Woke up in an absolute state to the news that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy. I went into the studio and recorded this song. So this is for her, my wonderful sister Emma.

Jacklin evokes folksy similarities to Angel Olsen and Jenny Lewis from her debut solo record with The Watson Twins. There’s a certain twang to her sound, though it never fully crosses over into country. If you’ve never seen her cover of The Strokes, check it out now.

Julia Jacklin was here a few months ago for FYF Fest and will be returning to Los Angeles for a show at The Echo on Tuesday, November 21. Tickets are priced at $11.50 and are still available. I interviewed the singer back in April about her trek to becoming a full-time musician, her thoughts on In N Out Burger, and more, check it out!