Kali Uchis has Shrine Expo Hall crowd grooving and screaming

Kali Uchis Shrine 2018 mainbar

Over 6,000 people packed into the Shrine Expo Hall on Friday night to see Kali Uchis live on her first tour after the release of the critically acclaimed debut album Isolation. Kali did not disappoint as she teased the crowd by dancing behind a thin, white curtain before performing “Dead to Me”.

Dressed in black leather and chains, Kali Uchis was constantly moving throughout her set with twirls, hair flips, and her mesmerizing hips. She can dance and isn’t to show it as she squats down in her black bikini top and short skirt before thrusting her hips forward to stand up again.

Kali even brings out a chair during her performance to dance and grind on as her fans howled in approval. The audience was with the Columbian singer the entire show, singing every note with the occasional pause for screams and “I love you” as she pointed the mic towards the crowd. Her performance perfectly embodies Isolation as the album is a mix of funk, soul, and reggae with a modern twist inspired by her Columbian roots.

Some hit songs from the night include “Tyrant” (which features Jorja Smith on the record — another incredibly talented up and coming singer), and her hit single “After the Storm” (which features Tyler, the Creator), a song that encourages listeners to be their own savior with the line “If you need a hero, just look in the mirror”.

Kali closed her sold-out show, with the first song off her album, “Body Language” which takes the audience through the beginning of a relationship by opening up to the other person but unfortunately in the second verse leads to a breakup and the search for a new life. Kali Uchis’s live performance matched the mood and quality of her album perfectly and what better way to kick off her tour than with a sold-out show in front of 6,000+ screaming fans.

Words and photos by Thane Fernandes