Kate Nash gives rowdy Fonda Theatre crowd a night to remember

Kate Nash Fonda 2018 mainbar

Kate Nash may be a television star these days, but that doesn’t mean her career as a musician has taken a backseat.

The British singer and star of Netflix smash hit GLOW got a hero’s welcome at her show Tuesday night at the Fonda Theatre. The singer relocated to Los Angeles several years ago and treated the performance as a sort-of homecoming gig as she tours in support of her latest album Yesterday Was Forever, which dropped March 30 via her own Girl Gang Records.

The album was funded in part via Kickstarter and allowed the singer to further explore her genre-bending pop-and-punk sounds. A teenage star of the early oughts when Made of Bricks dropped, Nash is now free of the music industry mechanics that try and take a firm grip whenever a pop star has early successes.

Fans at the Fonda Theatre were treated to a setlist that featured all of the hits, both the poppy and catchy old stuff like “Mouthwash”, “We Get On”, and other Made of Bricks hits as well as some of her more guitar-driven tunes like the grungy “Sister” and many of the tunes from the new record.

The crowd was also treated to Nash’s eclectic wardrobe taste — I’ve seen her in a variety of outfits over the years and it always reflects the singer’s outspoken personality. This time she was decked out in a mostly-pink outfit with some white fishnets.

The Brit jumped into the pit for new album cut “Drink About You” and danced around with the crowd, a staple of any Kate Nash show. Towards the end of her set she came with “Foundations” — the song that I and many people first fell in love with the singer (hello, Myspace). It’s one of the most fun pop songs to sing along to of all-time.

During the encore, a fan had to be escorted out of the building for getting too rowdy. The singer closed with old classic “Birds” before saying goodbye. The singer sent the crowd home happy as we all await the second season of GLOW, which is due out sometime this summer. Many of her GLOW co-stars also happened to be in the audience and at the show to give support to their co-star. You get the sense they’re a real family, much like the women of wrestling the show is based on.

Photos by Tim Aarons