Kate Tempest bringing powerful live show to Echoplex in March

Music festivals are great for discovering artists you’re unfamiliar with. One of my greatest discoveries — British poet-rapper-wordsmith Kate Tempest — will be at the Echoplex in March and I promise it is something you will want to witness.

It was Sasquatch in 2015, and Kate Tempest was setting up on one of the smaller stages near where the press room was. I wasn’t familiar at all, but took a seat in the grass at the start of her set to get a bit of rest in. She would rap over beats, breaking up songs with these powerful spoken-word portions that forced a large crowd to gravitate towards the stage she was on. Fifteen minutes in, I was up from my seat and standing 20 feet from the stage. It was one of the most galvanizing performances I’d ever seen — I got literal goosebumps — and it was one of the big surprises of the 2015 festival season for me.

Kate Tempest will bring her live show to the Echoplex on Tuesday, March 21, and you won’t want to miss it. She is supporting her killer album Let Them Eat Chaos, which came out last year. The whole album is incredible, and it concludes with the track “Tunnel Vision” that is especially prescient:

“What we gonna do to wake up?
We sleep so deep, it don’t matter how they shake us
If we can’t face it, we can’t escape it
But tonight the storm’s come”

Tickets to the show are priced at $13.50 and are on sale now. The show is set to begin at 8:30 PM.

Photo courtesy of Sasquatch!