Listen to new Luna Shadows single “Cheerleader”

luna shadows girl school mainbar

Indie pop artist Luna Shadows dropped a new single today and it’s more of the fire we’ve come to expect from the LA-based favorite of ours.

Fresh off her first-ever festival set at last month’s GIRLSCHOOL, Luna Shadows has released the first follow-up track to her esteemed debut Summertime EP that caught us by surprise last year. The singer-songwriter-producer jill-of-all-trades debuted the track over at Nest HQ (where friend of ours Molly Hankins did the write-up) and the song features as much depth as anything she’s put out thus far. The dark undertones that accompany the track are a signature of her music to date and one of the many reasons we swoon over anything she puts out. There’s also some killer backup vocals behind her on the chorus and I had to ask her on Twitter how she put them together:

Luna Shadows gave NestHQ the 411 on the idea behind the song:

“For whatever reason, our society rarely equates femininity, softness, and vulnerability with power, influence, and achievement; this song and its visuals are intended to challenge that idea by suggesting that the game can be won by silently plotting on the sidelines …. I’ve always admired how the moon elegantly & clandestinely controls the tides, from a distance and with an invisible pull. ‘Cheerleader’ is a song for every queen who ever whispered in the ear of a king.”

The song features some production help from The Naked and Famous’ Thom Powers, as well as a little help from Brad Hale of Now Now.

Along with the song is a short film that you can watch at the page below. Luna Shadows puts a ton of emphasis on her personal style and brand that goes hand in hand with her music.

Photo courtesy of Silver DeStouet