Majid Jordan put crowd in their feels at Observatory North Park

Majid Jordan San Diego mainbar

Strangers to most electronic and R&B enthusiasts, Majid Jordan is a Canadian alt electronic and R&B duo signed to OVO Sound, founded by rapper Drake.

Still making their way, anyone unfamiliar with their music might be surprised to hear that a few of their features include: Drake (“Nothing is The Same”, Beyonce ft. Drake – “Mine”) and DJ Khaled (“For Free”). With sold out stops all over this tour, it’s clear they’re starting to achieve the appreciation the deserve.

Majid Jordan recently saw their fan base rapidly grow after Drake tagged the duo’s Jordan Ullman on his Instagram with the caption “Good People”. Their creative and authentic vibe is what first caught my attention. About a year ago, I went to my first Majid Jordan concert and have been to five since, leading me to my most recent experience Thursday night at the Observatory North Park in San Diego.

After an aggressive security search, I got inside the venue and was making my way through the crowd when I overheard two girls in their late twenties trying to finesse a better view of the performance. I grab one of their arms and told them to follow me as we made our way to the front of the stage. What started off to be a superficial conversation, later changed when the concert began.

Vibrant warm lights and love started radiating through the venue once Majid Jordan opened with one of their most famous songs, “ Something About You”. Turning heads of a almost exclusively millennial crowd, they manage to connect with a diverse audience.

Instantly, a carefree and genuinely happy domino effect started to occur among the audience. The two girls, who were at first skeptical about their arbitrary date night, showed me a love I have never experienced before. Oblivious to what it meant to feel so deeply and strongly about someone or something, it is undeniable what vigorous influence Majid Jordan’s music has on their audience.

Always showing appreciation to each other, Majid Jordan perfect the art of creating a positive energy during their sets. Time and time again, I am overwhelmed with their powerful and passionate stage presence. Forgetting my every worry, I think I have never felt happier, until the next song played. Despite the exceptionally aggressive security upon entry, I am counting down the days until I get to see Majid Jordan in concert again. And yes, I still managed to get my JUUL inside, dont worry.