Marian Hill set Troubadour on fire

Marian Hill Troubadour 2021 mainbar

Marian Hill have been on my radar ever since I first stumbled into seeing them at SXSW five or six years ago. It’s been incredible seeing their growth, and Thursday felt like the group has fully come of age.

The Troubadour was sold out and packed with longtime fans that cheered anytime they said “This is a really old one” and also really gave a lot of love to their newer stuff. Singer Samantha Gongol was rocking an outfit that prime Britney Spears would have loved, and her swagger and confidence was amazing.

Producer Jeremy Lloyd is the backbone to this group with his unique beats that really make Gongol’s voice shine at the forefront. Saxophonist Steve Davit blew people away with his solos and everyone went home happy.

Check out Tim Aarons’ photos from the show below.