Maude Latour excites Moroccan Lounge

Maude Latour Moroccan 2022 mainbar

New York-based singer-songwriter Maude Latour turned up at the Moroccan Lounge last week for a packed show in support of her latest EP Strangers Forever. The 20-year-old rising indie pop star made the most of her brief headlining set and fans went home happy.

Maude Latour dropped a new single this year called “Headphones” as well. The biggest crowd reaction was to her hit song “One More Weekend” — which has racked up over 22 million streams on Spotify alone. There’s an early aughts late 90s pop vibe to it, but also an Olivia Rodrigo vibe to it as well.

Check out some of Paige Good’s photos of the show below!