Who is mystery Coachella 2018 act Dreams?


The Coachella 2018 lineup dropped this week and it’s been combed through pretty thoroughly by all the festival lineup obsessors. But one act stands out with no information — Dreams. They are billed on Friday’s lineup, fifth line down.

Rolling Stone Australia is speculating that it’s the side project of Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele and Silverchair’s Daniel Johns — and the information adds up. A website has gone up for the band and when you open it, a song plays on a loop that is unmistakably Empire of the Sun sounding. While I would have 100 percent been down with just a Silverchair reunion, you can also sign me up for this bizarre but awesome collaboration that has been reportedly been in the works for a decade.

Thursday night, Empire of the Sun’s Twitter account more or less confirmed it with this tweet. The hashtag #noonedefeatsus is prominently featured on the DREAMS website.

Empire of the Sun had one of the most ridiculously packed sets of Coachella 2017 in the Sahara Tent, and that was while Radiohead was playing on the main stage. Five years ago, John and Steele were said to have basically completed an entire album of material, and I’m assuming that Coachella 2018 is where their live debut will take place. The Indio festival has prided themselves on being the launching pad for several fun collaborations and reunions — last year the No Doubt and AFI collaboration DREAMCAR did similar.

For now visit Dreams‘ website and give the song a listen. I wonder if I am the only person hoping we get some sort of sick Empire of the Sun sounding version of “Pure Massacre”.

Johns alludes to the name Dreams in the below Instagram post. He also has DREAMS tattooed across his neck.


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