Night Talks smash sold-out album release show at The Echo

LA indie rock group Night Talks celebrated the release of their new album In Dreams in epic fashion – with a sold-out show on one of the busiest nights in L.A.’s music scene.

The Saturday of GRAMMYs week is always chock full of killer shows all around town, yet Night Talks didn’t have any trouble selling out The Echo. The show sold out at least a week in advance and you could feel the excitement as friends, family, and fans of the band packed in to see them play a raucous headline set.

In Dreams arrived Friday and the band wasted no time sharing the new tunes. Lead singer Soraya Sebghati’s soaring glimmering vocals help the band stand out among the other groups currently in the L.A. scene. The album has a vintage sound to it that harkens back to when rock was on top of the mountain. The way these songs translated to the live setting is a promising sign of what is to come from the four-piece.

The band behind Sebghati – Jacob Butler (guitar), Josh Arteaga (bass), and Cris Arteaga (drums), do their part to elevate the singer. A favorite of the set for me was “Green,” one of the early singles to be released from the record. The final choruses build on top of a satisfying crescendo to the point where Sebghati was shouting the words with a ton of feeling behind them, all while keeping a perfect pitch.

The chemistry on stage between all four members of the band is pretty undeniable. They always seem to be on the same page and Sebghati always had a good feel of the crowd’s energy levels in particular.

One of the standout moments of the night was their cover of Dramarama’s “Anything Anything” – which definitely pulls from the same time period that I feel like Night Talks’ music fits.

Keep an eye out for when this band is touring around, they’re an up-and-coming L.A. band to keep tabs on.

Funny story — I met the members of this band at Outside Lands as we all waited at the main stage to catch Radiohead from a few feet away. I had no clue they were in a band and only figured it out after their show at The Satellite last year came across my Twitter timeline and I recognized their faces — though admittedly I wasn’t in a sober state when we all met. The world is funny sometimes.

Photos courtesy of Justin Higuchi