On Planets drops dreamy new song “Spectacle”

Just had this awesome indie electronic track from On Planets brought to my attention via my friend Ron.

Titled “Spectacle,” the song reminds me a bit of Sylvan Esso, it has that similar electro-folk vibe. The beat is pretty minimalistic but still very memorable. The song builds to a nice crescendo and features just the right amount of bass. It allows the vocalist Madalen Duke and the lyrics to shine on top of it. It will get you moving. When the hook comes in, the singer shouting “You’re a spectacle,” it’s ingrained in your brain almost immediately.

The song was featured on Majestic Casual, always a quality purveyor of what’s about to blow up. It’s already got 50,000+ plays on YouTube in about 48 hours.

This song would’ve fit perfectly on any summer playlist but should keep you warm as it starts to get chilly.


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