PHOTOS: Margo Price at the Fonda Theatre

Margo Price Fonda 2018 mainbar

I’ve long been that guy that when people ask me what kind of music I like, I say, “Everything pretty much, except country.” Nashville singer-songwriter Margo Price is one of the few artists that’s forced me to modify that statement (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson are a couple others I’m a fan of).

I remember braving the Tennessee heat on the final day of Bonnaroo 2017 to take in her set last June, and feeling happy I trekked out of the shade to do so. There’s a special ingenuity to her songwriting and she’s got a lot of sass to her as well, perfect to deliver the socially-conscious songs she’s written like “Pay Gap”.

Price is currently touring in support of her critically-acclaimed 2017 record All American Made, and made a pit stop at the Fonda Theatre on Thursday night. She played much of that record plus a number of songs from her stellar 2016 debut Midwest Farmer’s Daughter to an enthusiastic Hollywood crowd.

Justin Higuchi grabbed some awesome photos of Margo Price at the show last night that you can check out below. Also, she’ll forever be my Woman Crush Wednesday for her Instagram story of her smoking a bowl with a magnifying glass. It’s certainly on my bucket list to smoke with her one day.

Photos by Justin Higuchi