Porcelain Raft delivers the feels at Resident DTLA

Porcelain Raft Resident

I became aware of multi-instrumentalist Mauro Remiddi’s project Porcelain Raft via a well-placed email from his publicist last month and quickly became enamored by his latest album Microclimate. After interviewing Mauro at length about the album and the recording behind it, I became even more stoked to see him perform in support of the album for the first time at the Resident downtown, one of the coolest intimate venues in Los Angeles.

Earlier that evening, I had stopped at Capitol Studios to see Day Wave play a handful of songs from his new record due out next month. They had free beer there — so I imbibed enough that I put in The Echo in my Uber app instead of the Resident like a dolt. I eventually arrived at the Resident with plenty of time to watch Remiddi to configure his setup on stage, which included a guitar and sample station with keyboards.

Remiddi wasted no time getting into Microclimate, beginning with the brief opening track “The Earth Before Us” that sounds like it could be the theme from a True Detectives season. Then came my favorite track from the record, the synth-heavy “Distant Shore”. Remiddi was a one-man band on stage, and after a few songs asked the crowd of about 100 to move closer to the front. There was a couple right up front that were REALLY dancing heavily, which seemed to give Remiddi a bit of extra pep in his step.

The soundscapes that Remiddi creates with his music are expansive, and it was fantastic to be on the receiving end of them in such a confined space. The layers of pretty much every Porcelain Raft song are easy to immerse yourself into — and even live, it felt like I was lying in my hammock listening to the album in headphones.

Another high point of the set was Microclimate cut “Rolling Over,” a very chill wave track, Remiddi’s vocals during the chorus delivered in a haunting fashion. The keys then take over in the song’s final minute or so. Another highlight was a song that Remiddi sang some of the lyrics off-mic, the crowd quiet enough you could hear a pin drop. It was clear Remiddi had control over the room for the duration of his set, which was necessary given the type of show he plays.

I highly recommend checking out Porcelain Raft if you’re lucky enough that he’s coming to your area. Check out remaining tour dates below.

Apr. 13 The Casbah, San Diego, CA *supporting Preoccupations
Apr. 26 Swedish American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Apr. 28 Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
Apr. 30 The Sunset, Seattle, WA