Riot Fest 2017 lineup: Wyld Stallyns, Crucial Taunt, The Oneders

The Riot Fest 2017 lineup is here!

OK, well not really. On April Fools, the festival dropped a fake lineup featuring only fake bands from film and television. Wyld Stallyns comes from Bill & Ted’s, The Oneders come from That Thing You Do!, Zak Attack is from Saved by the Bell, Marvin Berry & The Starlighters are from Back to the Future. The Wonders have to be one of my all-time favorite fictitious bands — Tom Hanks really did a great job making sure their sound matched the era they were supposed to be from.

Leave it to Riot Fest to book a female-led headliner. Crucial Taunt is Cassandra’s band in Wayne’s World. And not even going to lie — I tried locating actual studio recordings of Stillwater from Almost Famous because that band actually sounded really good. “Fever dooooooggg….scratching at my back dooor….” The actual musicians behind Stillwater’s music included Nancy Wilson of Heart, Peter Frampton, and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam. Interestingly, real-life musician Mark Kozelek played Stillwater bandmember Larry Fellows, but didn’t contribute any music to the band.

Even former Can’t Hardly Wait star Ethan Embry got in on the fun, bummed that the band from the movie Loveburger didn’t make it on the fake lineup.

Of all the music festival social medias, Riot Fest consistently is the funniest. Follow them on Twitter and keep a lookout for their real lineup, which should drop sometime soon. Last year’s lineup dropped on May 18.

Which fictitious bands on the lineup do you recall? Which one would you actually be stoked to see perform? See the entire fake Riot Fest 2017 lineup below: