Rival Sons, Reignwolf should have offered whiplash insurance at Wiltern gig

Rival Sons Wiltern 2021 mainbar

I knew I was going to be headbanging Friday night at The Wiltern. How could I not? The doubleheader of Long Beach rockers Rival Sons and Seattle jack-of-all-trades guitar virtuoso Reignwolf were playing.

But I didn’t realize just how much my neck would hurt after the show. What a show it was! Rival Sons were celebrating the 10th anniversary of their landmark record Pressure & Time while Reignwolf played a brief set in support.

The crowd was a wide range of ages and vibes. The show was staged by a classic rock radio station even though these are newer rock acts, but I could see why these bands fit in with that crowd. These bands’ music is from the days of when people worried about their cocaine being cut with drywall not fentanyl.

Check out Tim Aarons’ photos from the show below! He got some good ones.