Röyksopp turn The Novo into massive dance party

When the Coachella lineup dropped back in January, one name a lot of people were freaking out about seeing on the bill was Röyksopp — the Norwegian electronic pioneers that have paved the way for so many that have come after them.

I delayed my trip to Coachella in order to catch their headlining show at The Novo on Thursday night, and I was not disappointed. The duo brought vocalist Jonna Lee along with them — as well as a hefty amount of killer production. The duo kicked their set off with a remix of their latest single “Never Ever”, with Lee really impressing with her voice.

I couldn’t help but get serious Daft Punk vibes on a lot of their stuff — and with the latter duo out of the live game for the time being, Röyksopp is the closest we might get to that kind of show. The Röyksopp duo of Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland were charismatic in between songs — oftentimes alternating between club bangers and more hypnotic material. The light show and visuals were top notch and the crowd was constantly moving and in awe of what they were baring witness to.

Surely, many who saw Röyksopp at The Novo and were headed to the desert for Coachella weekend two will inevitably circle them on their schedule for Saturday in the Sahara Tent. Though Röyksopp have made it appear as though they are done recording new albums, let’s hope they continue churning out live performances for years to come.