Santigold pays homage to landmark debut album at Palladium

Santigold Palladium

Though it had been 11 years since electro hip-hop star Santigold put out her debut record, the singer decided to celebrate 10 years of the record with a string of shows. That included a stop Friday night at the Hollywood Palladium.

Formerly known as Santogold when the record dropped, the singer didn’t do a front-to-back homage to the record the way some acts do when doing a tour of this type. Nine of the 11 original tracks (track 12 was a remix of signature track “You’ll Find A Way”) were played out of order.

Santigold kicked things off with that iconic tune “You’ll Find A Way”, and from there it was a race to the finish line. The always enigmatic Santigold never failed to bring her energy to the forefront, and the album art often appeared on a backdrop behind the singer as she ran through her set.

Santigold would run through 21 songs in all, with a three-song encore that included her Major Lazer collaboration “Hold The Line”. A couple songs from her most recent project — last year’s I Don’t Want: The Goldfire Sessions — and 2016’s 99c, her last full-length record also appeared.

It was a nostalgia trip for many, though Santigold reminded the crowd how she’s stayed ahead of the curve her entire career. Those songs 10 years ago were ahead of their time and seem in line with what is popular today. That might be because Santigold helped set that trend herself.

Photos by Sarah Woods