Pop singer Taylor Grey’s song should soundtrack MTV

Collegiate pop-singer Taylor Grey dropped a song a few weeks ago, and my first impression is if Laguna Beach or The Hills still existed, it could serve as either show’s opening theme song.

Grey isn’t your ordinary pop star. In addition to juggling everything that comes with trying to make it in music, the 19-year-old is a sophomore at the prestigious Stanford University. The new song is called “Never Woulda Letcha” has a certain Colbie Caillat meets Natasha Bedingfield quality to it. It’s a throwback to early-aughts pop in all the best ways.

“’Never Woulda Letcha’ is about that friend you have a secret crush on,” Grey says in a press release. “You’ve known each other forever, you’ve always been “just friends,” but you always wanted something more. The feeling of this song is something I believe most people can relate to. Personally, I always love listening to music that reflects my emotions, so hopefully this song can be that for someone. And a fun song to dance too, as well!”