Tinashe turns The Novo into a playground

Tinashe Novo 2021 mainbar

When it was announced that Tinashe, world-class hip hop and R&B solo artist, would be soon playing The Novo in Downtown Los Angeles, an intimate venue beloved by locals, fans from all over made sure to get their tickets ahead of time. 

Since her debut in 2014 with Aquarius, her female-empowering lyricism, incredible choreographed dancing live, and beautiful voice has taken the hearts of so many and has made them long-time fans over the years. Being able to see her then perform in her hometown in promotion of her latest release 333 was a true gift, and her performance did not disappoint.

Tinashe gave the crowd a rousing performance with songs from her latest album release but also old favorites that made long-time fans ecstatic. In addition to the beautiful performance she gave, Tinashe had an intricate set design for this evening that was both dynamic and efficient for the artists performing. 

Metal cages with ivy branches integrated into the overall design were  assembled across the stage, making it possible for her to sing from the top for the whole venue to be able to see her clearly and have her two talented dancers use the front of the stage for complex moves that got the crowd dancing as well. Tinashe also had her band perform on stage or within the metal cage configurations as well, allowing for more room to dance and interact with the audience. Not only is Tinashe known for her impressive dance moves, but her concert attire each show has alone made fans create Instagram accounts revolving around her different outfits each tour and appearance. 

So for this tour, it was a true spectacle to see her enter in a full white gown and gloves that soon was removed to reveal a white unitard and skirt combination with gems all over that made her sparkle and shine during each song. She even had her hair and face beautifully adorned with crystals that caressed her face.

Don’t miss Tinashe when she returns to The Novo on December 30! Tickets on sale now.

Words and photos by Sarah Woods