Valley Queen provides fireworks at Moroccan Lounge album release gig

Valley Queen Moroccan Lounge 2018 mainbar

LA based rock band Valley Queen had no problem filling the room with an eager audience at the Moroccan Lounge this last Saturday, celebrating the release of their long-awaited debut album Supergiant.

With opening support from Albert and His Dreamboats and Gun Outfit, the multi-genre bill made quite a unique soundscape — I’m a huge fan of multi-genre bills, it’s so much fun to catch artists’ sets that I normally wouldn’t have because of genre exclusive line-ups.

Valley Queen brought the rawness of a retro rock & roll band but with such refinement and honesty. Needless to say their set was super tight.  The rhythm section was always synced up and lead guitarist, Shawn Morones’ tone and spacey effects complimented the bands sound so well.

Their stage presence was full of energy making it rather impossible to look away. At one point during the performance, front woman Natalie Carol fell to the ground and laid on her back whilst playing her guitar. That’s the shit that makes people excited to be there.  You can feel the passion behind what the band is doing — that’s everything for me.  They are humble and hungry, and it’s very apparent.

The band mixed speeds between their uptempo jams like “Boiling Water” and “Supergiant”, as well as the more tender ballads like “Chasing the Muse” and “Gems and Rubies”. The contrast in styles allows Carol to showcase her immense vocal talent, channeling the likes of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries and Florence Welch.

One thing I want to say about Valley Queen is this —  their recordings are great, don’t get me wrong — but hearing them play those songs live was brilliant.  Carol’s subject matter and way of story telling makes it that much better. Supergiant is the band’s debut full-length album released on Roll Call Records.

They are doing a pretty extensive stint of shows across the U.S. over the next few months in support of the new album.  The band is even touring support for Social Distortion’s tour this coming September. Check out their tour dates and go catch them live, they’re worth it.

Check out our interview with Valley Queen frontwoman Natalie Carol to learn more about this awesome band!

Words and photos by Justin Haider



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