Wet get raw at The Belasco

Wet Belasco 2019 mainbar

Wet frontwoman Kelly Zutrau has made a habit of writing raw and intensely emotional songs for the Brooklyn indie pop group. On their latest album,¬†Still Run, Zutrau took over the songwriting duties after a founding member left. She had previously shared them, but was able to put her vision forth on the latest album. So it was no surprise to see her comfortable enough to walk The Belasco‘s stage Wednesday night barefoot.

Wet‘s music often features limited production, but in a live capacity things really seemed to step up a notch. Zutrau’s vocal range is a unique one — many of her vocals start in a deep tone, but she can hit the high notes just as easily. Things really picked up with¬†Still Run cut “There’s A Reason”, and Zutrau often spent time in between songs telling stories. Before their big breakout hit “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”, Zutrau sang about being stuck in a relationship she knew was over, but unable to get out of. We’ve all been there.

The Belasco’s high ceilings were perfect for Zutrau’s big voice. It filled the room nicely and washed over the crowd throughout the show.

I’ve seen Wet a handful of times over the past couple of years and they never really played my favorite song. Finally, they played “Weak”. It’s a simply written tune but Zutrau’s vocals transform the simple words and hit you right in the feelings. “Oh baby, baby, baby, if you’re leavin’, you would only, only, only, take from me,” Zutrau sings over and over in the chorus, hitting higher notes in the final one.

The title track from the new album was also a standout favorite. It’s a track that’s one of their poppier tunes. It could be a Natasha Bedingfield song (remember her?), while many of Wet’s songs straddle the R&B line more than the pop one. Zutrau performed that and two other songs solo while sitting down.

The band closed out their set with “You’re The Best”, another minimally produced song that allows Zutrau’s voice to be the focal point.

Wet is one of those bands that basically sticks to one kind of sound for the most part. But they certainly do that one vibe extremely well. Kelly Zutrau is a force of a songwriter and I’m sure she’ll only continue to tap into these feelings all of us deal with.

Photos by Stephanie Varela Rheingold