Wolf Alice strip tunes down in acoustic GRAMMY Museum show

Wolf Alice

On Wednesday night, British rock quartet Wolf Alice played their first LA gig of any sort in three-and-a-half years, partaking in a Q&A to go with the showcasing of their film Blue Weekend — which is all of the songs from the album of the same name given a visual treatment that plays out like a story of one weekend.

The band turned up at the GRAMMY Museum on Wednesday and also played six songs acoustically for the fans in attendance, including three tracks from the new record “Smile”, “How Can I Make It OK?”, and “Lipstick on the Glass”. They also delivered a cover of Alex G’s “Bobby” and played older tunes “Space and Time” and “Bros” — which was one of the first songs that grabbed my attention way back in 2013.

The band is in the midst of their first American tour since the pandemic raged across the world. They play a pair of shows at the Teragram Ballroom tonight, October 28 and tomorrow, October 29 before heading to San Francisco this weekend for a show I’ll be attending as I’ll be in town for Outside Lands this weekend.

This is one of my absolute favorite bands I’ve had a chance to see rise from obscurity to being a legitimate GRAMMY-nominated band. During the Q&A they made tongue-in-cheek comments about hoping that participating in this GRAMMY Museum event will help their chances secure a GRAMMY win for Blue Weekend — an album which is definitely deserving of the worldwide acclaim it has received.

The band also talked about working with producer Markus Dravs on the record and how even as the pandemic picked up steam, he was committed to finishing the record with them and not abandoning ship. They also joked about how he definitely made sure to mention his GRAMMY success with Mumford & Sons from time to time.

The show started with the short film playing to the crowd. It’s always interesting to get a visual storytelling of a record and I wish more artists would do this. It didn’t drag and it really tied everything together nicely. I would recommend checking it out.

You can actually watch Wolf Alice’s GRAMMY Museum show (including the film, I believe) at anytime by visiting the GRAMMY Museum website. Do it! The Teragram Ballroom shows are sold out but I highly recommend finding a ticket if you can. They are one of the best doing it.

Check out Justin Higuchi‘s photos from the set below!