Watch Aussie hip-hop act ZEKIEL’s new video for “Writing Away”

ZEKIEL press mainbar

Australia has as bustling of a music scene as anywhere — and alt hip-hop act ZEKIEL is poised to be the latest to emerge from the land Down Under.

ZEKIEL just dropped a new video for his debut single “Writing Away” — an R&B-fused track that showcases his ability to sing the high notes while also rapping in a deeper tone. If you’re a fan of fellow Aussie genre-bender Mallrat, this song is right up your alley.

The well-produced music video showcases some beautiful surroundings that would have fit well in Lord of the Rings. Ironically, ZEKIEL grew up writing LOTR fan fiction, so it’s all too fitting.  Watch the video for “Writing Away” below:

“Basically, the song came from this relationship that I was in for quite a while, and we really cared about each other, and we had this loving connection, but it was super hard to see eye-to-eye when our lives went in different directions,” he says. “Nothing meshed, and we lost the magic, I suppose, the spark that was there.”