Age.Sex.Location release “Cinnamon Girl” living room video

Age.Sex.Location is a Los Angeles-based collective of talented songwriters who have worked with some of the most well-known pop singers out there — and now they’re starting to cruise on their own merits as musicians.

The collective released a “Living Room Sessions” video for their single “Cinnamon Girl”, which comes from their debut EP ASL 1 — Beach House. It has some serious alt-R&B vibes in the realm of a more laid-back sounding AlunaGeorge. Watch it below:

The collective features John Ryan (who wrote a bunch of One Direction and Maroon 5 songs) and Shungudzo as the primary artists, as well as AFTERHRS (Andrew Hass and Ian Franzino), Julian Bunetta (who also wrote some One Direction songs), Liza Owen, and Teddy Geiger.

Each of the group’s EPs are produced in single 72-hour sessions that are inspired by the environment in which they are produced in. The first EP was created at a beach house — hence the name. It’s quite an interesting set of parameters to create music.

“Age. Sex. Location happened by accident,” John Ryan and Shungudzo said in an e-mail.

“A little over a year ago, we rented a house in Malibu for the day to write some songs for another project. Instead, 20 hours later, we’d made our first EP. Now we get together in a new location for a few days every few months to repeat the process. There are no rules, except for the rules, which include saying yes to everything, sipping tequila from a deer hoof, and releasing every song we write together. All of our EPs are made in one to three days, and all of the songs written during that time period must be on the EP in the order in which they were conceived. We can’t delete songs, and we can’t we touch them once they’re finished. Because of this, every EP follows the musical and emotional journey of each writing trip, and is a mix of energy, exhaustion, love songs and dick jokes. It’s become an obsession born of passion and best friends.”

The second EP is expected to drop in early November and you should definitely keep Age.Sex.Location on your radar.

Photo courtesy of Instagram