ALBUM REVIEW: Delacey is newest must-listen indie-pop after strong debut album ‘Black Coffee’

The world has a new can’t miss breakthrough star and she is Los Angeles indie-pop singer Delacey.

Friday saw her drop her long-awaited debut full-length album Black Coffee — which is a helluva strong debut effort from the former songwriter to the stars. Her strength in co-writing songs with the likes of The Chainsmokers, Halsey, and more has more than translated into her own work.

The album kicks off with a strong opener “Damn” — which has a familiar rhythm and makes me nostalgic for ’90s synth-based pop. Its hook reminds me a bit of Amy Grant — if Amy Grant had a bad girl side. The title track “Black Coffee” follows, and when Delacey played an Instagram Live on Thursday night to celebrate the album’s release with just a guitarist joining her, it was my favorite track. The album version is even better than the stripped-down version and it’s a laid-back jam that pairs nicely with a packed bowl of California’s finest “essential service” weed during lockdown — but so does most of this album.

The indie-pop space is a crowded one, but Delacey is a welcome addition more in line with the likes of Donna Missal and VERITE — two other favorites of ours. “My Man” is an anthem with its “Bitch don’t steal my man, ’cause he’s got a weakness for girls like you” hook.

“No One’s Gonna Ever Love U” has more of a ballad feel to it with its piano hook and stripped-back production. It puts more of an emphasis on Delacey’s velvety vocals, which are perfect when paired with a sad tune. The song “Unlovable” is a raw and relatable tune about being in a relationship with someone and not having the self-esteem to believe you deserve it. “And you said don’t talk shit about the girl I love You love so hard and I wanna believe you / I wanna believe you / I wanna believe you” might be the catchiest hook on the record.

Later on the record is “Actress” —  one of the three main singles that came before the full album release. Its lyrics seem to be about being able to manipulate your partner by playing on their emotions — and it is a great piece of songwriting that further establishes Delacey as someone who can have you wrapped around her finger. “Too Poor to Live in LA” was one of my favorites from Thursday’s live stream, which she prefaced by saying it was a song written at one of the darkest times of her tenure in the City of Angels. Anyone who has lived in LA for a reasonable amount of time and has never felt that notion — who even are you? As they say, the sweet isn’t as sweet as the sour and I’m sure Delacey is feeling pretty good about where she’s at now, with a dope album out in the world.

She saves her big collaboration with G-Eazy for the record’s final track — “Cruel Intentions”. G-Eazy has a history of pairing up with rising pop singers and those singers reaching higher levels — from Bebe Rexha to Devon Baldwin — I’m sure the same will be the case here. I think it’s put at the end of the record because it’s really the only song that fits into the party anthem category.

Overall, it’s a wonderful debut record and I can’t wait until the world is in a place again where we get to see these songs performed live! Check out Delacey’s new album Black Coffee below!