Best Music Writing This Week: 8/26/16

Every Friday we will share the best music writing during the previous week.  Read about what went into making De La Soul’s new record, the work it takes to bring American sign language to music festivals and of course, a Frank Ocean album review.

De La Soul Isn’t Dead – Christina Lee, Paste Magazine

Christina Lee takes you inside the hip-hop group’s first album in 12 years while also walking you through their roots. The album was funded via Kickstarter, and it’s interesting to get their perspective on how it worked out for them, an act who launched their first album back in 1989.

The Reality Of Teen-Run Stan Accounts, Laur M. Jackson / Christopher DeLorenzo, The Fader

I’ve often wondered what kind of work goes into running one of those super-fan social media accounts. We’ve all made a joke about a major celebrity on social media and found our mentions bombarded by these types. The authors talk to a number of these people and give insight into what goes into it.

Inside the world of concert sign language – Andrea Marks, Noisey

I’ve gone to more than two dozen music festivals and often find myself awed by the sign language people at festivals. There’s been more than one occasion where I felt that they stole the show from the actual performer. If you ever wanted to know what goes into making this a reality, this feature takes a real close look.

Album Review: Frank Ocean’s Blonde Considers Identity, Sexuality, and the Roads Not Taken – Craig Jenkins, Vulture

In my opinion the definitive Frank Ocean album review. There were a lot of really bad think pieces and a few memorable ones, but this one stood out for me. Any more time I spend talking about it is just delaying you from reading it. Get to it.