Charlotte Cardin flexes talent at El Rey

Charlotte Cardin El Rey 2023 mainbar TA

There was that Hotel Café show in 2017. The jam-packed show at the Echo in 2018. The filled-to-the-brim sets at The Roxy in 2021. And Tuesday night November 7 there was the sold-out concert at the El Rey Theatre. When Charlotte Cardin comes to town there’s bound to be a large crowd, and deservedly so.

Despite a bit of an illness, and the occasional pause to cough, Cardin and her band powered through a wonderfully lengthy set featuring songs from her most recent album 2023’s 99 Nights, highlighted with some spectacular vocal gymnastics on “Daddy’s a Psycho”, infectious bassline-driven “Confetti”, and “Next to You” written with another Montreal legend, Patrick Watson, with Cardin solo on Piano and going into an unbelievable falsetto throughout. “Phoenix”, timeless ballad “Anyone Who Loves Me”, and “Sex to Me” from her last album Phoenix, Juno Award mega winner, also were big highlights of the evening. And the all-time classic “Main Girl” wrapped things up on a spectacular night. Onto the Fonda Theatre next time?

Words and photos by Tim Aarons