Cherry Glazerr kicks off FIGFest 2019 with a bang

Los Angeles indie rock favorites Cherry Glazerr headlined the first free show at this year’s FIG Fest this past Friday night, and they were the perfect band to handle the task.

Clementine Creevy and Co. brought a good-sized crowd to the FIGat7th shopping center, and had a bunch of teens moshing and crowdsurfing throughout their hourlong performance. The three-piece played eight songs from this year’s fantastic record Stuffed & Ready, and it sounded wonderful.

It seems as though Creevy has relied more on her high falsetto than her screaming, at least the past few times I’ve seen them play. I saw the band play an intimate show in Silverlake a few weeks earlier and noticed that. Old favorites were dusted off like “Had Ten Dollaz”, “White’s Not My Color This Evening”, and “Grilled Cheese”. They also played a number of tunes from 2017’s Apocaliptick, their breakout debut full-length record.

Creevy remarked several times how stoked she was to be playing to a large crowd on the night, having put together Cherry Glazerr when she was fifteen (she’s now 22 years old). It’s been awesome to watch them grow from being a Burger Records band to playing to sizable crowds around the country, particularly in their LA hometown. I expect more big things to come from the band.

Photos by Sarah Woods