Oh no: Another creepy Coachella 2018 Craigslist posting

For the second consecutive year, a dude has responded to the Coachella 2018 lineup drop by posting a weird and creepy Craigslist ad. If anyone remembers Gordie and his weird ad looking for a girl to come to Coachella with him, this is pretty odd as well.

This time, it’s an unnamed DJ who posted the ad “looking for two beautiful women to accompany me to the festival” as he tries to network with industry people and make connections before he releases his first music this year. He will provide two artist passes to two women that he chooses to come with him to the festival to help break the ice with people. You must hate Diplo though.

Read the full ad below in case it gets deleted:


I’m a electronic music producer and have been working on making connections in the industry as I get set to release my first music. I hate to sound like a douchebag but my brand of music is going to change mainstream electronic music forever. The Coachella 2018 lineup just dropped and if you thought you’d never be able to do it all access, this is the offer for you!

Through a high-level industry friend, I’ve obtained access to artist passes for Coachella 2018 and am looking for two beautiful women to accompany me to the festival. While I will be there to take in a lot of the shows, I’m also going to be there to network with people in the industry. I don’t know how else to say this, but I’m socially awkward and think that having two gorgeous women with me to help break the ice with some of these people will make it easier for me.

Some rules:

1) You must have some interest and knowledge of the electronic music space. Don’t apply if you like Diplo. In fact if you see Diplo, I’d ask that you treat him like a tool.

2) Be between the age of 21-24.

3) Please send photos of you and your friend to this e-mail address. I am not interested in any romantic encounters with you, I promise. I’m not some creepy dude that’s going to lurch on you, in fact you and your friend can share a room in the hotel I book mine at. I will have my two best male friends make a decision on who the best candidates are. I trust their judgment because of the amount of deep V-necks they possess, and they live in Santa Monica. Photos must be recent.

4) You must be willing to accompany me for the duration of the festival. At some points, there might be some bummers where you don’t get to see acts that you were really excited about. I will try my best to at least let you see your favorites. I myself will be watching a lot of the acts on the festival. These are who I am most excited for: Beyonce, ODESZA, HAIM, Portugal The Man, Miguel, Illenium, Jamie Jones, Alison Wonderland, REZZ, Deorro, Soulwax, Jean-Michel Jarre, Alan Walker, Maceo Plex, and X Japan.

5) I will send you one of the demos of a song I’m releasing this year. I want you to give me your thoughts in a one-paragraph review of the track. Even if somehow you think it sucks (I promise it won’t), I want you to be able to talk about my music when we’re around industry people. It probably will sound better coming from two beautiful women than from one socially awkward dude.

6) If you get invited to any afterparties, you must insist to those offering the invites that I come with you.

7) I smoke a lot of weed, you need to be OK with that.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Please somebody obtain this mp3 of EDM music that is going to change the landscape of music forever and give it to us.

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