Cults drench Teragram Ballroom in synths and lights

Synthpop favorites Cults completely enamored downtown LA’s Teragram Ballroom this past Tuesday evening.

Their sole LA date actually served as a birthday party for the New Yorker’s frontwoman, Madeline Follin. Along with a packed ballroom, I was completely swooned by the charm Follin had throughout the night. The dark-pop band are currently on tour supporting their newest release and third studio album, Offering.

The new songs keep fans spinning with complexly lush sounds. The birthday party couldn’t have gone any better in my eyes. They performed an almost perfect set, including hits from all three albums such as “Abducted”, “Always Forever” and the newest single, “Right Words”. AND there was cake! At the top of their set we also got to see the world premiere of the new video for the single, which was beautiful. Visuals haven’t always been a huge part of Cults live shows, so with the new songs’ twisted lyrics feeding into the most beautiful imagery set around the stage and over the band members, we got a stellar show.

I last caught this band back in 2010 at FYF Fest, so it is definitely so crazy to see how far they’ve come musically and the new material couldn’t be any tastier. Cults are back, baby. And they couldn’t be more grateful to their fans for continued support.

Words and photos by Danielle Gornbein