Day Trip 2021 festival sells out second day in minutes

Day Trip 2021 mainbar

Guys, festival season is around the corner and with that I think is an enthusiasm level that is at all-time highs.

Now I am sure there are people who are grossed out at the thought of dancing up against strangers in the heat, sweaty as hell, sharing bottles of water and hits off of joints. But there seems to be an overwhelming amount larger number of people ready to jump back into it headfirst. And the sign is how quickly these festivals are selling out.

Insomniac’s inaugural Day Trip 2021 festival takes place Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4 during one of the biggest holiday weekends in America. A lot of people in Los Angeles go elsewhere during that holiday, but Insomniac banked on people wanting to be on the waterfront dancing and they weren’t wrong. The second day was added and sold out within minutes of going on sale. It’s a heavily leaning into house music lineup.

The big names on the first day are Chromeo (live set), Claptone, Diplo, AC Slater, Nore En Pure, and more. The big names on the second day are Diplo, Justin Martin, Tchami b2b Wax Motif, and more. You can signup for the waitlist for tickets here. Check out the full lineup below.