Disco Shrine drops new single ahead of School Night gig

Los Angeles indie pop singer Jessica Delijani aka Disco Shrine has shared a new single to kick off 2018, just a week before she will play School Night at Bardot as a single-release gig.

The song is titled “Up in the Air” and is about the experience of Delijani’s parents emigrating from Iran to America and is a much-needed narrative in today’s political climate. The song features a shimmering synth line and soaring chorus. Give it a listen below:

“This song is about my parents immigrating to America from Iran after escaping the Iranian revolution in the 70’s,” Delijani says.

“‘Up in the Air’ paints a picture of them literally up in the air on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking towards their new future. It’s also symbolic of their whole lives suddenly being up in the air, uncertain, and not knowing what to expect at all. It’s more so in my mothers perspective and the strength she had to leave her whole life behind to bring a better life for her children and family. ”

Disco Shrine plays School Night on February 5, a show that also has Josh Jacobson, The Belle Game, and Cassandra Violet billed. The show is free-with-RSVP.