Don’t call it a comeback: Michelle Branch drops new video

Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch has been noticeably missing from our radio for far too long. This week, she dropped the first video from her upcoming record — her first solo album since 2003’s Hotel Paper — and it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

The song “Best You Ever” features Branch’s signature sultry but smoky vocals and is an excellent preview of what to expect on the new record titled Hopeless Romantic — out April 7 via Verve Records. The album features production from Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Carney happens to be Branch’s new beau. “Best You Ever” features some of that distinct Black Keys gritty guitar sound. The all black-and-white video features Branch working in the studio.

I’ve been a big Michelle Branch fan for ages. I distinctly remember in middle school getting her debut album The Spirit Room for my girlfriend at the time, mostly so I had an excuse to listen to it myself. I’ve long wondered what she’s been up to, and am stoked to see she’s got new music on the way. She was quite possibly my favorite of the female singer-songwriters to break through in the early aughts.

Michelle Branch will be performing on Late Night with Seth Myers on April 6 and a follow-up gig at The Marlin Room in New York on April 7. I’m crossing my fingers she plays a random small gig somewhere in LA (Hotel Cafe, anybody?) before embarking on a full tour to support the record.