DREAMS drops first video — make live debut at Coachella 2018

We helped reveal the identity of Coachella 2018 mystery band DREAMS as being Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun. Now they’ve dropped the video for the lead single from the project called “No One Defeats Us”.

The song is unmistakably Empire of the Sun with a cool guitar riff buzzing through the track. In the video, the duo looks like they could’ve been part of Brad Pitt’s gypsy caravan crew in the movie Snatch, with Johns wielding a baseball bat. The dance-rock track has a pretty cool groove to it. Watch it below:

I’d hope that some of the other songs from this collaboration sound slightly more Daniel Johns than they do Empire of the Sun because I’m a child of the ’90s and think Silverchair is criminally underrated from that era. But I guess we will find out in a few weeks in the desert. Outside of Coachella, the band only has one show scheduled for their homeland in Australia at VIVID Live.

Who is mystery Coachella 2018 act Dreams?