PHOTOS: Best Costumes at Escape Psycho Circus 2017

Escape Psycho Circus 2017

Escape Psycho Circus 2017 is one of Insomniac’s most popular festivals — and for good reason. It combines everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween, with the awesomeness of an EDM festival.

DJ Snake, Eric Prydz, Duke Dumont, NGHTMRE, and many others brought the fire sets during the weekend. Our photographer Ross Allen was on the ground to capture some of the best costumes from Escape Psycho Circus 2017 and I’ve gone through them and posted my favorites below. If you’re in any of these, share this post with your friends!

I’ve always been a fan of group themed costumes, and these kids who rocked the Mortal Kombat ones were among the best. Also, many times when I’ve attended dance music fests, there’s a part right before the drop that makes me want to yell “MORTAL KOMBAAAT!!!”

Pretty amazing attempt at the iconic Wayans Brothers film White Chicks:

Always awesome to see someone incorporate an unfortunate injury into their good time:

Suicide Squad was so 2016, but this couple really pulled out all the stops to make it work awesomely:

I love that this dude is making the same face as the emoji he is dressed up as:

As someone who has worn women’s clothes the last two Halloweens, I respect this guy’s hustle:

Do you think one of these people actually work at In N Out?

Another favorite:

Always easy to find your friends when you’re all wearing the same onesie: