FKJ gets funky and spiritual at Shrine Expo Hall

FKJ — which stands for French Kiwi Juice — has been lauded for his live shows for years. I had been trying to see him for quite a while and finally got the chance Monday night at the Shrine Expo Hall, and he did not disappoint.

He’s sort of the Tash Sultana of electronic music. Whereas she trends towards a reggae and folk vibe with her multi-instrumentalist skills, FKJ leans more into funk. He’s a jack of all trades, trading from keyboards to guitar to bass to trumpet.

The crowd was packed and it was sweltering inside that room. But people didn’t mind, as they grooved along to his hour-and-a-half long set. It was a mesmerizing evening that saw the live-loop master showcase his high-level skillset. From remixes of well-known songs to his own jams, there were nothing but high points.

This was a live electronic-based show that didn’t need a crazy light show or gimmick. It stood on its own two feet.

Photos by Sarah Woods