FYF Fest schedule out — where to find the best vibes

FYF Fest takes place this weekend and it might be their best lineup yet. In its 13th year, the festival is headlined by Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala and Grace Jones. The schedule has finally been released, and as expected with a lineup this good — there are some major conflicts. We’ll try and guide you through a few of them by listing some of our favorites. We’ll also try and point you in the right direction of some killer vibes.

Check out the set times at the bottom of the page.

Best Expected Singalong: Saves the Day, 5:45 Sunday at Trees Stage

This throwback emo act is performing Sunday, and it’s extra special. The band will be playing their 2001 album Stay What You Are in full, perhaps their best work to date. It’s certainly the album that first made me aware of them. Songs like “Freakish,” “At Your Funeral” and “See You” are full of angsty goodness and surely you’ll find a lot of people in their late twenties belting out these tunes. I’ve seen them twice and they always put on a killer show. This album might be my favorite emo album of all-time.

Best Set to Cry Your Eyes Out: Julien Baker, 2;45 PM Sunday at Club Stage

If you’re smart like us, this will be your second dose of Julien Baker with the first being her Thursday show at El Rey for FYF After Dark. She left that crowd in tears and will probably do the same for many at FYF Fest. Her powerful debut record from last year Sprained Ankle caught everyone off guard with its sheer honesty. Seeing her in a church at SXSW was one of my musical highlights of 2015. She left the crowd in stunned silence, you could have heard a pin drop. At Shaky Knees she wore a shirt that read “Sad songs make me feel better.” I can vouch that Baker’s specific sad songs will make that shirt ring true.

Best Dance Party: Todd Terje & the Olsens, 6:05 PM Saturday on Lawn Stage

Seeing Todd Terje perform at Sasquatch! this year was a real treat and one of the unexpected favorite sets of the weekend for me. It should shake up to be an epic dance set coming in the middle of the first day of the festival. He’s got an EP out of re-imaginations of classic disco tunes and his sets are always very disco.

Set to Have Your Spirits Most Lifted At: Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires, 5:55 PM Sunday on Lawn Stage

If you’ve seen Charles Bradley perform live before and you didn’t get goosebumps, you should have your pulse checked. The 67-year-old former James Brown impersonator performs like someone who has a new lease on life. That’s because he does. His 2011 debut album dropped in his early sixties. This after a life of hardship that had him barely holding on. If there’s any performer that’ll prove to you anything is possible this weekend, it’s Charles Bradley.

Lowest Lo-Fi Chill Vibes: Alex G, 2:45 PM Saturday at Trees Stage

Alex G reminds me of a mix between current act Day Wave and the early stuff from a former indie favorite of mine named Creeper Lagoon. His name will blow up as he is featured heavily on the new album of Frank Ocean. A prolific bedroom producer, Alex G started gaining notoriety with his sixth album in 2014. His jangly lo-fi guitar is a perfect way to kick off the weekend, perhaps with a joint rolled and ready to go.