Ja Rule said Fyre Festival would make history — he’s right for the wrong reasons

Sometimes, music festivals don’t pan out to be the experience you’re sold in the trailer. For Ja Rule’s inaugural Fyre Festival — which was set to take place this weekend and next weekend on an island in the Bahamas once owned by Pablo Escobar — that was taken to a catastrophic level.

Fyre Festival has stranded people at the island, and in Miami where private planes were supposed to take people to the festival from. Three days ago, Ja Rule sent out this tweet:

History was made, indeed. The festival is a massive #DumpsterFyre that won’t ever get off the ground. People who arrived at the island Thursday reported that tents were lit on fire, people were assaulted and robbed by locals, and the festival wasn’t at all prepared to bring people the immersive music festival they promised. Fyre Festival used a bevvy of models and social influencers to sell expensive packages to naive people, with reports that they were late in payment to performers. Check out the way the festival was sold in this YouTube video announcing it, featuring Emily Ratajkowksi, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid among others:

A Wall Street Journal article stated that “Some artists still hadn’t been paid what they were owed based on the terms of their contracts” as late as late March. blink-182, one of the top-billed acts on the lineup, pulled out of the festival citing concerns the promoters wouldn’t be able to deliver a show that blink-182 fans expect:

A Twitter account named @FyreFraud has been detailing all the issues for the last several days, RTing people on the ground who have posted videos of themselves being deplaned in Miami or riding through the festival grounds shooting video of mattresses and tents just out in the open.

If you follow the FyreFestival Reddit, there are other horrifying things being posted, though some of it is being attributed to total trolls. Check in one some Fyre tweets and Instagram posts below:

Many others have been getting their shots in at Fyre Fest, including Dillon Francis: