Galantis drop new song “Spaceship” at Avenue

Swedish electronic producers Galantis brought a special release party to Avenue in Hollywood on Wednesday night for their new soaring single “Spaceships” — and this was far from your usual stuffy Los Angeles private event crowd.

Fans packed out the intimate club, imbibed on $18 custom cocktails that tied back to the duo, also enjoying free delicious chocolate cupcakes as well as some cake pops. Galantis took to the DJ booth around 11 PM and the crowd quickly congregated right around them.

This is a group that headlined the Greek Theatre this past October, so fans were obviously excited to see them in such cozy confines. They threw down some old favorites in a fun and energetic DJ set, but the crown jewel of the night was the first live performance of their new single “Spaceship” — which dropped to the world on Friday.

The group was joined behind the booth by Uffie, the Miami-born vocalist who sings the catchy hook on the track. The keyboard line reminds me a bit of something you would hear out of ’90s video game Streets of Rage, which always had some of the best music. Hands went in the air and people weren’t too cool to dance as they got up close with the group.

Their hour-long DJ set breezed by in a flash as they ran through their cavalcade of hits, including “Runaway”, “Peanut Butter Jelly”, and “No Money”, while also dropping some dope edits of other people’s songs.

Galantis will begin turning “Spaceship” into a festival staple this weekend at Hangout Fest, and will also be at Governors Ball, Electric Forest, and Lollapalooza this year. These guys are festival killers and seeing them up close at Middlelands last year was one of my highlights of the year.

Photos courtesy of Jordan Pulmano