Greta Van Fleet rip things up at Kia Forum

Greta Van Fleet Forum 2023 PG mainbar

Greta Van Fleet illuminated the stage at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles as part of their Starcatcher World Tour this past Thursday night. Greta Van Fleet, originally formed in 2013, is often referred to as a modern day Led Zeppelin, and that comparison is no secret once you see them perform live. They truly know how to rock out, and no matter what age you are, it feels as though you are transported right back into the 70s.

Throughout their set, the band mainly stuck with their newest album, Starcatcher, fitting right in with the name of the tour. I think they’ve really found their sound with this release, and that directly translates into their confident performance of the new songs. Between 17 songs, multiple extended guitar and drum solo performances, Greta Van Fleet filled a solid two hours. It’s no secret how talented these guys are, but I did feel as though some of the freestyle dragged on a bit long. You could sense that energy in the audience too, with multiple people taking these solos as an opportunity to use the bathroom or refill drinks.

Not only has Greta Van Fleet found their sound, but you can tell they also have their style down to a T. It’s all very whimsical looking, with sparkles sprinkled over velvet jumpsuits, and glitter eye makeup worn by all members. Josh Kiszka, lead vocalist, gives off the vibe of our generation’s Freddie Mercury or Elton John, delivering insane vocals while also making sure he looks great doing it. You can notice that each member of the band puts their own unique spin on their outfits, while still maintaining a communal understanding of what Greta Van Fleet’s “look” is.

Overall, Greta Van Fleet puts on an incredible show, and it’s not to miss if you’re seeking that classic rock and roll concert feel with a modern twist. Greta Van Fleet continues touring North America through the end of September, and then onto their European leg of the Starcatcher World Tour.

Words and photos by Paige Good