HAIM blesses us with new song “Right Now”

Almost four years since their debut record Days Are Gone lit the world on fire, the HAIM sisters have FINALLY blessed us with new music.

After teasing an announcement for about a week, HAIM dropped a video of “Right Now” — directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. HAIM were at Canter’s on Wednesday for a private party with fans, Jenny Lewis, Brie Larson, and a slew of other famous Angelinos. I nearly died of FOMO when I saw this picture:


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The new song “Right Now” is the first from their upcoming sophomore effort Something To Tell You — out July 7. The band will also be performing on SNL on May 13.

I saw HAIM almost a half-dozen times last year, and each time they played two new yet-to-be-released songs “Something’s Wrong” and “Give Me a Little Of Your Love” — both are bangers reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac at their best. This new track is a bit different. It’s a studio version of the song with its imperfections. It’s probably not how the song will sound exactly on the record. Este Haim receives a bigger vocal part than she does on most of Days Are Gone, which is welcome.

This record is my most anticipated of 2017. Their first album brought together the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Wilson Phillips in such a mesmerizing way, it’ll be interesting to see how they build on it.

Photo courtesy of Raymond Lew