Jade Bird packs a big punch at Fonda Theatre gig

Jade Bird

Reminiscent of a magical time in musical history, the powerhouse singer-songwriter-musician also known as Jade Bird effortlessly captivated the Fonda Theatre’s crowd with her voice, talent, and catchy tunes.

In support of her album, Jade Bird, which was released earlier this year, Jade is on her first headlining tour in North-America. Over the course of a single song, it was not unusual for Jade to very smoothly go from a melodic soft, tender, vulnerable sound to a powerful, strong, groundbreaking one that filled the room with unmatched energy. With a fun glimmering backdrop that reflected colors from the thoughtful lighting design throughout the night to set the mood, Jade played some songs solo and others with her full band. On her slow songs, the room was silent, with everyone fully enjoying the moment, and on her upbeat ones you could find the audience dancing and singing along.

As the crowd eagerly awaited Jade’s set, they welcomed the opening band Flyte whole-heartedly. Flyte, a trio on acoustic guitar and vocals, opened the night with beautiful lyrics and a great sense of humor in between songs. They returned to the stage for Jade’s emotional song “17,” and beautifully accompanied her on vocals as she played keys and sang.

Words and photos by Zoe Sher