Jaja Bu brings ’90s R&B vibe up to date on “Sweetness”

A few days ago, a friend of mine slid into my text messages with a Soundcloud link that just said “Dude I like this new guy.” The first single from Los Angeles-based producer Jaja Bu evokes some ’90s R&B nostalgia but with a modern electronic twist to it. The song is called “Sweetness” and it’s one of the sexiest songs of summer 2017 so far.

If you’re a fan of Bob Moses, Basecamp, or Marian Hill, we highly recommend giving “Sweetness” a listen below:

Each bar in each verse transitions into the next with a guitar riff that sounds out of an early Janet Jackson track. The song is also very percussive and features pretty minimal production, allowing Jaja Bu’s vocals to shine over the top. A Disclosure-like percussion breakdown in the closing moments of the chorus brings it back to the next verse.

So far we’ve got just one track from Jaja Bu to tide us over until we get new tunes. The first offering is pretty appetizing and I’d be surprised if he isn’t added to many summer relaxing playlists already.